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July 23, 2024

Tracy Krausmann

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Efficient Fuel-Saving Techniques For Smart Driving

Amidst rising oil costs, petroleum and automotive industries refine and develop energy-
efficient engines. As consumers, here are tips to save money and fuel, maximising your car’s

● Respect The Speed Limit: Mileage typically decreases noticeably after 60 mph, changing
based on factors like gearing, engine, weight, and drag. Driving smoothly and within
speed limits enhances personal safety and considers factors like traffic, road conditions,
and travel type.
● Accelerate Gradually: In India, accelerating gradually makes sense and is practical. If you
accelerate your car more slowly, you can improve its fuel efficiency by up to 10%. It is
more considerate of other commuters and beneficial for the general integrity of your
car. It will also guarantee a decreased chance of a mishap.
● Say No To Idle Engines: When your car stops at a traffic light, turning off the engine is
ideal. Running the engine in the middle of traffic (which, in India, can take quite a while)
is pointless. You can easily anticipate when your queue will move by just watching the
traffic up ahead, and you can adjust the car’s restart accordingly.
● Steer Gently: Applying force while braking abruptly is terrible for your car and fuel
intake system. It will require fuel to restore your vehicle’s lost momentum. Rather than
just braking and speeding the car at the last minute, it is preferable—and simpler—to
watch and anticipate traffic.
● Verify Tyre Pressure: Ensure that you routinely check the tyre pressure. This is crucial to
guarantee improved fuel efficiency. In most cases, tyres naturally lose up to two PSI each
month. In addition to extending tread life, maintaining proper tyre pressure reduces
rolling resistance on the road, which increases fuel efficiency.
● Maintain Regular Vehicle Maintenance: Every car can experience normal wear and tear
with continued use. Regular maintenance on your car is essential to keep it in good
working order and help restore it to its peak performance. This maintenance includes oil
changes, tune-ups, and air filter cleaning. Consider purchasing comprehensive insurance
to ensure your car is regularly inspected and notify you of any potential problems. The
online car insurance renewal process can be easily done from the comfort of your
home. *
● Reduced Weight, Greater Mileage: Weight directly influences fuel consumption. You
will get more mileage the lighter the vehicle is. Therefore, the vehicle needs to be kept
clean and barely loaded (apart from when travelling or moving). A 50 kg weight increase
in the car will typically result in a 1-2% increase in fuel consumption.

Although you have no control over fuel prices, you can use these suggestions to reduce your
fuel consumption as much as possible. Drive carefully, and remember to purchase the appropriate comprehensive insurance. Also, make sure you do your car insurance renewal online on time.

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coverage. So feel free to enjoy the ride. Be careful when driving!

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